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The company was formed in August 2012 and acquired all necessary documents and authorizations for its activities in the Security sector, in March 2013.


The business philosophy of Latlong International is based on a thorough understanding of its clients’ requirements in order to present them with innovative and cost-effective solutions. A new benchmark was set by moving away from a one-dimensional service approach towards security solutions that encompass a combination of well-diversified service offerings.


Application of state-of-the-art technology constitutes an essential part of the company’s approach towards providing security solutions. The systems and procedures implemented by Latlong International are also aligned with internationally recognised quality management systems.




Latlong International’s operations exceed world class standards, and our operational objectives are measured by continuous evaluation, consultation and communication. We are committed in providing our clients and personnel with:


• Superior and reliable communication systems and procedures

• Reliable transport to ensure mobility.

• Customized world-class, intelligently integrated security systems.

• Vigilant, multi-skilled, appropriately equipped and professionally supervised security personnel




To be and to stay the security company of choice in Africa.




Latlong International provides world-class integrated security solutions to clients in our target markets by consistently exceeding customer satisfaction through operational excellence, superior service and innovation.




• Our own higher standards

• Punctuality

• Solution-driven




We at Latlong International believe in investing in our personnel as we understand that the security risk management industry is largely people-dependent. We believe in providing our employees with the opportunity to build a successful career and therefore provide them with the necessary tools to enhance their personal growth and career development.




Latlong International strives to attract, select and employ the best possible candidates in the security industry and ensures that its personnel are strategically positioned to meet each client’s needs. Potential candidates undergo strict evaluation over a period of three months before being offered permanent employment. A profiling process to determine compatibility with the requirements of a specific client forms part of the assessment procedure. Thorough cognisance is taken of sensitivities within communities.




Latlong International’s training is conducted in our inhouse training facility by well qualified instructors. Our training curriculum is based on internationally accepted practice and exceeds industry norms. Goma’s unique conditions and circumstances were integrated into our current training curriculum in order to ensure up to date and professional training programs.


Basic training includes principles and procedures relating to the security industry, fire fighting, loss control, health and safety procedures, as well as first aid. Training is tailored to each client’s particular needs and requirements, while skills development opportunities include advanced, niche market and specialised training. The latter encompasses product, service, leadership and management training. A formal induction programme serves to familiarise our personnel with site procedures and the specific requirements of each valued client. Latlong International prides itselfin providing well-equipped staff for every assignment.



No Latlong International security officer will be deployed prior to successfully completing all the training programmes.




The service conditions, remuneration and benefits offered by Latlong International exceed statutory requirements and the management principles implemented in the company are based on internationally accepted labour practice.




The Latlong control room is manned and operational 24 hours around the clock and serves as an information hub. All guards, vehicles, reaction units and their movements are centrally controlled, facilitating sound management and control.


The control room is the first point of contact for the clients and the employees. All movements, messages, calls and emergencies are captured here to ensure the correct cause of action and that all abnormalities are attended to promptly and efficiently.




In order to formalize, understand and satisfy our clients’ needs, it is of paramount importance that a job description is in place. Requirements and special services are addressed in this document and it is used as the framework of the relationship. The security personnel also undergo inductiontraining in order to understand their roll and function before deployment to site.


Changes are made to the job description as and when needed. This allows both parties to understand what is required and what services will be rendered. Any deviation from the job description will be addressed immediately in order to improve our service and to ensure the relationship stays transparent and professional.




To understand fully what the client’s needs entail, a site inspection is performed with the client. During this time the client will state his specific requirements and Latlong personnel will make recommendations where necessary.


No Latlong security personnel will be deployed prior to the site visit unless in an emergency.




Latlong International strives to support its staff with good technology and has chosen the MotoTRBO® brand in order to achieve this. These digital radios have GPS technology integrated that allows various functionalities. All radios are monitored from the control room and all movements and communications are centrally stored for future reference.


The TRBOnet™ software allows to create an alarm should the radio leaves its designated area or has been stationery for too long.




Vehicles and crew is available on a 24 hour basis to respond to all abnormalities. The vehicles are controlled through the control room and the crew consists out of:


• Latlong Driver

• Latlong Inspector

• Latlong Security officer

• PNC Police officer




In order to maintain our high level of service, Latlong personnel will visit each client’s premises at least once every 12 hours as a standard procedure. In case of an abnormality, site visits will be done immediately and will increase in frequency until the situation is resolved and restored to normal.


Since every client has unique requirements, every project is approached holistically yet individually. The client is presented with a distinctive, sustainable solution that encompasses strategic assessment, integration, customisation and quality.


The company has its infrastructure centrally positioned in ave. Mt Goma, Goma, DRC and has 36 employees servicing one client.

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