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Code of Conduct

The Latlong culture promotes a value system of:


• Our own higher standards

• Punctuality

• Solution-driven


All Latlong International personnel commit to the Code of Conduct. It reinforces these values and encompasses our responsibility towards customers, society and employees, as well as our approach towards business ethics and corporate governance.


Latlong International will, in respect of –




Acknowledge and satisfy their unique security risk management needs through superior, innovative and cost effective solutions.

Provide committed, appropriately trained personnel to promote a value-added working relationship.

Maintain confidentiality of customer information.




Accept social responsibility towards the community where we conduct business.

Help advance stability, peace and prosperity in the DRC and other countries of operation.

Enter into alliances with business and community leaders, officials and providers in communities and countries of operation, where feasible.

Respect and protect the environment in which we operate.




Acknowledge and reward personnel as our most valuable asset.

Promote and facilitate a learning environment with opportunities for career advancement.

Encourage open communication and adhere to prescribed and fair labour practices.

Provide, as far as may be practically possible, a healthy and safe working environment.

Follow strict profiling procedures to ensure that only the best security officers are selected for positions in the company.

Provide guidelines on the use of electronic communication facilities (including telephones, radios and the Internet).


Employment equity


Respect the diversity of employees.

Prevent discrimination.

Offer fair opportunities for employment and the development of disadvantaged persons.


Business ethics


Abide to the laws and regulations governing the security industry in the DRC and countries of operation.

Maintain registration and accreditation with institutions that promote the status of the security risk management industry.

Compete fairly with other providers in the industry.

Expose unethical conduct and misrepresentation of products and services.


We value the opportunity to be of service to you.

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