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1. Manned Guarding


Manned Guarding consist of four distinctive service offerings that include:


 Access and Egress Control – Searching, reception, key control, checking ID cards, and providing escorts.

• Patrols – These may be static, mobile or foot patrols.

• Stock Control – Presence and control at storage control, inventory control, audits and checks, and investigations.

• Warehousing – Security officers are present at receiving, inventory and despatch points


2. Alarm systems


Latlong International supply and install state of the art alarm systems that replaces the old redundant analog type alarm systems. These systems are less complicated to install and easier to maintain, making them more reliable and cost effective.


Functionalities include:


• Programmed self-testing identifies any defects immediately

• Wireless technology alleviates false alarms and create trust in the system

• Advanced remote panic buttons

• Secure digital radio links

• Enhanced battery technology


3. Monitoring


Latlong International provides monitoring services to clients through our control room that is staffed by highly trained, vigilant operators, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.


4. Response


Latlong International focuses on anticipating the “next move”. We believe in prevention through monitoring and intelligence gathering, rather than reaction. In the event of a needed response to a threatening situation, Latlong International is geared to succeed with:


• Response by thoroughly trained security officers assisted by carefully selected and trained Police Officers

• Comprehensive support

• Prompt management reaction


5. Emergency Evacuation


Latlong International utilises various motorised passenger boats to evacuate its Customers to a tented camp site with basic services on our exclusive island just south of Goma in an emergency. The same island camp is available for overnight stays.



Please contact Latlong International for a detailed cost breakdown and a bespoke security management solution for your company.


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